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1. William Francis LUDLOW was born on 1 Apr 1856 at Hinton Chinnor, Oxfordshire, England. He was known to his family as Bill.

In the 1861 census. Bill was living with Samuel (father), Harriet (mother), Elizabeth Ann (sister), Eliza Ann (sister) and Thomas Henry (brother). Age was given as 4, birthplace Hempton, Oxfordshire on 7 Apr 1861. He was a scholar on 7 Apr 1861. He lived on 7 Apr 1861 at Hempton, Chinnor, Oxfordshire, England.
He lived on 2 Apr 1871 at Cottage, Chinnor, Oxfordshire, England. He was given as having no occupation on 2 Apr 1871. He appeared in the 1871 census, living with Samuel (father), Harriet (mother), Elizabeth (sister), Thomas (brother), Samuel (brother), John (brother) and George (brother). Age was given as 14, birthplace Henton Chinnor, Oxon on 2 Apr 1871. Bill worked as a farm hand, and also as a wagon driver, taking produce to market.
At the age of 18 years old Bill paid his passage and sailed from London on the 'Glamorganshire' to Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. He arrived there on 7th May 1874.
Bill did sugar cane cutting on Plantations for some years in Queensland. Then he came on to New Zealand in and around the year 1878. In 1880 Bill was down on the New Zealand electoral roll of Upper Hutt as a Bushman/ Farm worker; this was his craft. He worked as a bushman in the Upper Hutt area clearing farm land. When he first came to New Zealand he joined up with a survey gang in the Akatarawa area of Upper Hutt. He also did survey work around that time on the Waimate Plains Taranaki .Bill had said to his sons one time "Where there are large trees there must be good soil under them".
Bill married Ruth ELDERSHAW, daughter of George ELDERSHAW and Jane SIGNAL, on 23 Oct 1889 at Upper Hutt, New Zealand. They Had seven children. William F Ludlow name is mentioned in the early Taranaki paper in 1881 as a volunteer in the Taranaki Volunteer Force .At the time All survey Men were armed when carring out there work on the Waimate plains ,and around the Taranaki area as the Maori were still unhappy at losing there Lands in the war of 1860 to 1870. They started to pull out the survey pigs this highened hostility again in 1800's. Bill for his service work in the Taranaki force was granted 40 Acres of land at Tekeri which was made into a larger property as land around it was sold to him. Around 1884 he brought more bush coved land at Ratanui, this name was changed to Auroa. At the time railways were been planned in Taranaki region. Survey work had been carried out for a rail branch line to be built from Stratford to Kapongo then on to Opunake. There was a Railway station in the plaining at AWATUNA. This was about three miles away from his Farm. A lot of settler left their land in 1880, finding it too hard to work there land, only the hardy ones stayed.
Bill at one time gave the local Maori's flour and tobacco to stop them from burning down his hut; tensions where high at the time with the Maori's. He had a dog as a watch dog for many years. In the beginning they made their money by picking fungus which made its way to China. They also made charcoal from the large trees on the land and sold it. Bill turned the land into farmland over time and became a dairy farmer/bushman at 33 years old.
The Older boys and Bill worked on the Farm clearing bush in the early day from spring to the autumn and made charcoal in the winter. Ruth was a town girl and found it hard going at Auroa.
In 1905 they moved from Auroa after buying a large two story house in 101 Cuba street Petone . They had a maid called Lil Shepherd who was the older sister to Elizabeth, and who married Frank Ludlow. William help to set up Awatuna Dairy company became a director and the chairman for some years.Bill was also the Chair man for the Waimate road board in 1898.
Bill helped to set up the Auroa School and was on the committee for 17yrs. Bill was also a life member of the hall society . In the end when they left Taranaki for Wellington they had made two farms one at Auroa which was 150 acres and the other was at Tekeri. They Leased the two farms and moved to Petone . They had a two acre property in Petone.Bill became a chicken farmer and a carrier . Going to Wellington each day and bring cargo from the wharves and warehouses. Bill also drove for Croft the undertakes at times. Bill also owned a green grocer shop selling fruit and Veg in Newtown across the road from the Post office in 1906. A great sadness came over the family At the loss of Jim in 1915 this started to pulled the family part at its foundations.Then went the news of Archie death came in 1918 on month before the end of the first war that was the end family as a whole. Bill with drew to within himself and didn't talk much for months the loss was to great.Ruth by then was have affair They moved in the war years to a smaller house in Victoria street then to Whites line after the Divorce. Jack Ludlow wrote the part about this mother and father brake up and what lead to it.
Bill Divorce Ruth on the 17th of December 1918 , after she had an affair with a Mr Sam peter Lord of Petone who was a Wharfie. Which she married in 1919 and Moved to Wanganui then to Patea in later years to live with her draugther Doris. Samuel Lord died on the first of March 1948 of cancer in Patea. Ruth died on the 3rd of may 1958 in Patea.
William married Helen Hannah SIBUN Nee Limming on the 16th of December 1920 at the Residence of Mr Albert Ernest Roots Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Helen was a Widow Her First Husband Harry Sibun Limmimg ran a large grocer shop on the corner of Jackson and Elizabeth street in Petone. They had two Girls Nellie and Daisy . Helen help to bring up Doris and John (Jack. Helen Died on the 8th march 1945. She was 80 years old and Was Buried in the same plot as William Francis Ludlow . In her will she left every thing to the SPCA and left not a thing to her children. Ruth Died in Patea on the 3rd of May 1958. Ruth and Sam was living in her daughter Doris and her husband Claude Smith House when Sam died. Ruth Was a small woman under Five foot in Hight and very up right an petite. Everyone called her little grandma. Ruth had high standard and dressed Very well in Public so did Sam in here Sunday best. They Lived in poor housing areas of Wellington and moved around a lot
William died on 4 Jul 1934 at Holdsworthy Road, Vogeltown, New Plymouth, New Zealand, aged 78 Years old on 4 Jul 1934. He was a retired farmer on 4 July 1934. They Found him Dead in his Veg. Garden at Vogeltown . His Cause of death: Coronary thrombosis (sudden Arterial Sclerosis) on 4 Jul 1934. He said he had been in New Zealand for 65 years on 4 Jul 1934.

He was buried on 6 Jul 1934 at Te Henui Cemetery in the Presbyterian block row 11 lot 1 plot 3 New Plymouth, New Zealand. He was describe by his son Jack as a hard working non drinker a strong man of 5ft 7inches in hight, big shoulders, Barrel chest and a Black beard ,Knew how to make money. The Farm is on the Auroa Road about a mile from the Auroa Hall and school on the Left hand side of the road heading towards mount taranaki.The farm has been incorporated into a Larger dairy farm of 1200 hectares owned by the Cook Family.

Documents relating to William in new Zealand are available here[1] and here [2]
2. Francis William Alfred LUDLOW was born on 27 Oct 1890 at Auroa, Waimate Plain, Taranaki, New Zealand. His Trade. cabinet maker did his time at Crofts undertakers Making Coffins his father got him the Job. Frank then worked for Bird and Jenson making Joinery up until the first war .He In listed in the NZ army in 1915.He Was Promoted to L/corporal on the 7/11/1915 then on 6/3/1916 be became sergeant. Frank was 5Ft 11in,in high.He was with the NZ Expeditionary relief force that went to Samoa. His stay in Samoa was 29 day He became sick With the Spanish Flu and returned to Wellington NZ. They Discharge him , Because of a weakened heart. His total time in the Army was One year Fifty five days. Frank as he was Known Lived With Elizabeth at Daniel road Ngaio At the age of 26yrs on the 29 Nov 1916 Frank married Elizabeth Caroline SHEPHERD.Known as Besie, daughter of Charles John SHEPHERD and Florence DAVIS, on 29 Nov 1916 at Registrars Office, Wellington, New Zealand. In the year 1914 He was told by his mother, Ruth that he didn't need to Marry,Elizabeth Shepherd.Philip was Born on the 29th of March 1914. Philip was born out of wedlock. Philip spent the first years of his Life with his Grandma Shepherd . They then moved to Miramar and set up house in townsend road .They Had Seven Children in all. Frank and Besie brought A house with one acre of Land with it Miramar .This was the house at 16 Park road too 20 park rd. They Built a second story to Family home . Gerondis Brother who were Builders ,did the alterations to the House.The factory was at the back of the Berkeley flats With sleep outs for the boys on the back wall of the flats as well. They Set up the Joinery factory a around 1926 . Most of his sons were Cabinet maker. In 1930 he made the factory Bankrupt. Frank then Changed the Company into F W Ludlow LTD. In 1940 F W Ludlow and sons Ltd in Park Road Begins Trading. 1931 he Built the Berkeley Flats and Named it after a song of Vera Lynns ( A Nightingale sang in Barkeley Square). The Berkeley flats started out as a snooker hall up stairs with 4 shops on the ground floor . After 1934 four flats were built after the snooker hall was closed down. This was when they name the Building Berkeley Flats . Before then it was called Ludlows Building 1931. The Big Mirror that was in the snooker hall was put into the Hallway by the main door of 16 Park Road. When his First wife died Elizabeth of cancer. Frank retired at the age of 50yrs and sold the Business to this sons. In the Factory hay day there were 14 joiners working Making house loads of windows and doors plus Kitchens. Franck became a Justice of the peace on 31th May 1956. Frank was asked to run for Parliament, and be the National member for Miramar.Frank turn this down. He was on the Committee that formed the Miramr Rugby Club in the 1930's . When Frank retired he spent most of his time down the sound setting up and maintaining a fruit orchard on two Acres of land. The Family member called the Bay slave bay because of a lot of hard work was done by all who went there, but the fishing after a days work was great. A lot of fish was caught over the years. He then married Olive Henrietta CHURCHOUSE in 196o at New Plymouth New Zealand. Frank at the age 79 Died of a Heart attack on 14 Dec 1969 down the Marlborough sounds In tory channel at Te Weuweu Bay New Zealand. The death notes read Frank Ludlow aged 79. He lived on 14 Dec 1969 at 16 Park Road, Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand. He Ludlow: Death Notice read. Francis William Alfred, JP. of 16, Park Road, Miramar. On 15 December 1969,he Died of a heart attack at Te Weuweu Bay, Marlborough Sounds, dearly loved husband of Olive Ludlow, and loved father of Phil, Jim, Lew, John, Bernard, Betty (Mrs Bassett, Hutt), Joan (Mrs Scott-Hill, Kelburn) and Marjorie (Mrs Anderson, Miramar). Funeral notice later on 16 Dec 1969. Frank was a Freemason for 20 odd year he belong to Taia Lodge in kilbirnie. Frank and Elizabeth Brought the Tory channel House off Mrs Tirrell in 1939. For many year before the Tory channel Property the family would have there hoildays at Onahau Bay in Queen Chariotte sounds.
3. Philip Gilbert LUDLOW was born on 29th Mar 1914 at St Helens Hospital Wellington New Zealand. "Phil" as he was Known married Gwendoline Alice FLYGER in Wellington 1937 There first Meeting was at a Rugby game. He was Lance Corporal and a acting sergeant at the end of WW.2 He was A transport Driver /cook in two campaign Egypt and Italy He was wounded in the right and left legs at different times with shrapnel. They Had four children Frank William Jan 1943. John Robert April 1947. Denise Elizabeth Dec 1950. Barry Philip march 1952 .He Went to school at Worser bay .In the 1920 when depression was on, Philip was 8 years old at sent to his Grandfather's Place in Taranaki . Money was every Tight for his mother and father trying to get their Business going . He work for his father from the age of 12. Was a cabinet maker for FW Ludlow . Became Manager of F W Ludlow and Sons Ltd in 1940 and was a part owner.He died on Boxing day 26 Dec 1979 at Wellington hospital, New Zealand, aged 65 from bowel cancer. He was buried on 31 Dec 1979 at Makara Cemetery, Wellington, New Zealand.Gwendoline Died 8th Sept 2001 Wellington Hospital.She was put in with phil at Makara in the return serviceman graves. Philip was as Freemason he belong to Waitangi lodge joined in 1959. Phil loved music and played the accordion. For many years he was in the fire service as a volunteer Fire Police and had to the rank of lieutenant. Philip Love to take Photo's. In the war He had a small compact Brownie camera With him to record the war. To get film for the camera, he would go to the Air force base's to reconnaissance division and trade goods for film which he would cut to size to fit the camera. Phil liked to Draw and paint.Gwen came from two Prominent families in the Wellington area Flygers well known as undertakers and Tonks for Bricks making and for first reclamation work on the Wellington water front at Lambton quay.
3. Francis James LUDLOW.born 6th march 1918 St Helens Hospital Wellington. "Jim" married Florence Mary Pincott 1939 . Jim as he was known. Named after Olive James this Fathers Brother who Died WW 1 .He was born on 6 Mar 1918 at St Helens Hospital Wellington, Daniel Street, Ngaio They moved to Miramar and lived in Tauhinu rd They had three Children Mary born 1940,James Micheal born 1941 ,known as [Mervyn], William Bruce born 1943, known as Bruce.Jim died 3rd of January 2007 at Mary potter hospis Wellington of Cancer. Jim did his trade as a printer.But change his trade to a Mechanist working for his father. Jim was a Freemason for 55years. Belonging to Lodge Taia Raukawa and did 50 years of service as Almoner of the lodge . Jim in the Depression was sent to His mother parent house in Seatoun to be Raised.
3. Lewis Archibald LUDLOW born on the 15th Oct1919 Named after Arche. Married Patricia Ruby Gladys in 1944. They meet in Levin when serving in the New Zealand Royal Air Force together, at Kimberly air force Base Levin. Lewis was called up in 1941 to train as a pilot. But was turned down after problems in his test, to be a pilot. Lew then train as a air frame Mechanic . He had done his time for ford motor Company Wellington . Lewis was the only boy in the family to go to Collage. He went to Rongotia collage by Wellington Airport. Pat had a Identical twin Sister named June . They some times played Tricks on people by changing Identity. Pat came from Hunterville. They got married at the town of Mangaweka. They spent there early years of Marriage life In Wanganui South Taranaki. They then moved to Tawa Wellington and ran a petrol station and garage plus a taxi service in Linden. Ten years Later they Moved to Rotarua and ran The BP station on Highway 30. He Was Part of the maintenance crew for Len Southward who Broke the new Zealand water speed record in a open speed boat at 161km/h in Picton in the Summer of 1953 with the boat called Red Head .They had Two children Robin Theta born 1946 and Stephen Gregory born 1955. Lewis died in 1991 of Bone Cancer in Rotarua.
3. William John LUDLOW born !5th October 1921 at Wellington His Trade Joiner. Married Wendy Irene Muir. He died in 2008. They had Three children. Debra Jane known as Debbie 1951, Andrea Julie born 1953. Christopher John Born 1955. John worked for his father and Brothers. There was a falling out with some of his brother's at the Joinery Factory .He then move to Levin and Help manage a Joiner factory in Queens street in Levin. When they retired they mover to Powells road Cable beach Mangonui Northland. Wendy and John loved Fishing They wrote articles for the New Zealand Fishing Magazine about the Fishing in Northland. John died 2009
3 Elizabeth Gwendoline LUDLOW. married Albert Bassett in 1952. She was also known as Betty LUDLOW. Betty was born in the 28th November year 1928 . They Had Four Children. Adele Kathleen 1952. Paul Christopher 1954. Helen Elizabeth 1957. Amanda Elizabeth 1960 They Lived in upper Hutt and retired to Masterton.
3. Joan Irene LUDLOW Born 29th October. 1929. Her First marriage was to Edward William Cross. Known to the Family as( Ted. They Lived in Miramar for there early years in Marriage. They Had Three Girls. Susan Anne 1950. Caroline Faye 1951. Jennifer Leigh 1953. Ted was a carpenter by trade He help to build Phils house in Napier st Seatoun Heights With Wendy's Brother Cliff. Joan Divorce Ted And Married Clifford Scott/Hill. When Clifford Died of cancer she remarried for a third time to Neil Gatman.
3. Marjorie Joyce LUDLOW born 1934. She married Raymond Leslies Anderson 1956. Known as MARJ. And Ray. In and around 1978 Ray Changed this name to Gregory Jonathan Anderson. They had No Children. Marj worked in the Civil service. Ray Had many jobs one of them was for Tv one as stage Manager in the 1960s. Also worked at the airport for NAC .1972 he was a motor Trimmer for General motors assembly Plant Upper Hutt. Cliff Joan's Husband got him this Job.1978 Greg was a civil servant With the SAS Dept in Wellington.In the early days they Lived in 16.B Park road Miramar.Ray was a Part time Comedian and magician plus a Ventriloquism. They Lived in Island Bay for some time .Then on to Rotarua. Back to Upper Hutt .They moved to Wainuiomate when they retired. Marjorie became very Private and wouldn't see anyone .They said at her Inquest She died between 29th of December 2005 and the 13th January 2006 of Ischaemic Heart Disease secondary to Coronary artery atherosclerosis.she was 72yrs old. Greg Was in a rest Home at the time of her Death .He Died two years later.
3. Bernard Rex LUDLOW was born on 30 Sep 1924 at Wellington, New Zealand. Age was given as 24, a bachelor on 4 Feb 1949. He married Sylvia Olive NEWCOMBE, daughter of Sidney Herbert NEWCOMBE and Mary Hunter CAVERS, on 4 Feb 1949 at Presbyterian Manse, 35 Pirie Street, Wellington, New Zealand. He was a joiner by trade working for his father.In later years he was a traveller for Tingey paints He and Sylvia Olive NEWCOMBE obtained a marriage license on 4 Feb 1949. Their first son Brian Steven LUDLOW: On October 17, 1950 at Alexandra Hospital on the 18th Oct 1950. They had a second son David Rex Born on the 11th Sept 1954.Bernard married Barbara in Wellington 26th of June 1976. Barbara maiden name was Goldstone. Barbara was born on the 23rd Nov 1929. Her first Married name was Simi had two girls Isabel and Mari and a boy called Carl from her first Marrage. Carl Simi changed his surname name to Ludlow. They Lived in Waikanae. Bernard died in 2008 at Waikanae country lodge rest home and Hospital, New Zealand. Brian got married to melissa Mary Sheehan in 1978
2. Albert Archibald LUDLOW was born in 1892 at Auroa Taranaki. Archie as Known worked as a saddler at W. Usher in Manner street Wellington. Archie was 5ft.9in in hight, Archie lived with his Motherand Father plus brothers in 101 Cuba street Petone. He joined the army as a private in 7th of October 1914.He was part of the first Brigade New Zealand Field Artillery . The Brigade lift for Egypt on the 12 April 1915 for the Gallipoli. They trained just on side Cario. They saw action on the Dardanelles. On the 5th of May 1916 they Left Egypt for Frances. The First Brigade was Put into the Field battle many times where the Anzac Force where. Arch was slightly wounded 8th August 1916 Was Hospitalised recovered and discharged 20th September 1916 when back to a staging depot . He rejoined the his unit in the Field on the 11th of October 1916. They where in the Major Battle of Passchendaele Belgium. They where sent Back to England on 3rd of August 1917 .Record show he went on leave to see His Family in Towersey Oxford. Arch was Promoted in The field of battle 1st of May 1917 to corporal saddler . On the 22nd of November he Signed in to the NZ depot Aldershot The 1st Brigade when to France on the 7th April 1918 . They re- entered the Field of Battle on 11th of April 1918 . The Next Major push was at LA Quesnoy.This was the Final Battle of the war for New Zealand forces and it's allies. The 1st brigade commander was LT Col F Symon . Archie's Unit with Howitzers 4.5in, was close to the action on the 8th of October 1918 when the Germans fired shells at his unit gun implacements, near a area of tree cover just out side of LA-Quesnop the day he died . Arch died a month away from the end of the war November 1918 . The New Zealand forces took Le- Quesnoy on the 4th of November to Liberation the town from the Germans . The Germans held the town from August 1914 to 4th Nov 1918 This was a great Victory for the Allies. Arch is buried at the Flesqueres hill British cemetery. Grave reference number V111. H.5. service number 2/801 NZ field Artillery. He was 26 year old when he Died.
2. Oliver James LUDLOW, went by the name of (Jim) was born in 1894 at Auroa Taranaki, New Zealand.His last living address was in Petone 101 cuba street.Oliver worked and lived in Waitara for a time. His Occupation then was Labour for Public works Waitara. Then he became a printer 9 months before entering the Army. His Hight was 5ft 10in. Jim Lied about his age when he signed up and had to wait untill he came of age to serve.Jim was working as a labourer working in Christchurch when he first signed up to Join the Army He died at 20 years old on 25th June 1915 in Cario hospital Egypt.He was Buried as a Private, Service number 6/1439 at the Cario war memorial cemetery Plot B 308 .Oliver was part of the ANZAC force in the Gallipoli campaign .Apart of Canterbury Infantry 1000 strong Battalion made up 250 men per company. There were four regiments of mounted rifles from Auckland, Wellington ,Canterbury ,Otago. The Wellington Mounted Rifles of the Expeditionary force was drawen from the 2nd Wellington plus Three Territorial Regiments Wanganui and Taranaki to Manawatu . These men where Volunteers ,were expected to have there own saddlery and horse . The value of horse should not exceed &20 pounds. No animal should be under 14.3 hands high.They sailed from Wellington on ten transport ships the 14th of Dec 1914. Oliver sailed on the ship Knight of the Garter. Land at Suez Egypt. The war records showed he died of Disease.The Real course of Death was Peritonitis With Dysentery. Many men die of Dysentery in the Gallipoli campaign and other campaigns in WW1.Jim Died on the 25 of June 1915
2. Leonard Arthur LUDLOW born 1897. Married Phyllis May DORAN in the year Napier. When they where first married they lived in Christchurh. They had Five children. Patricia May Born 1921 in Christchuch. Married 1942 to Rosco Fuge. Maxwell Leonard born 1923 Married 1949 to Heather Agnes Robertson, he was a Twin to sister Dorothy Phillis Born 1923 Married to Douglas Poulgrain . Annette Garwood born 1933 Married 1956 To William Leslie Halliday. and a boy called William Alexander Born 1931 but died six weeks after been born of blood poisoning. Leonard sign up for the army late in the first world war but was never sent. Len was a saleman working in shops . Len worked for his brother Frank before the world war two as a Michinist.Between 1938 and 1941 But he started working for De Havilland aircraft company at Rongotai airport in 1941 to 1945 He made the propellers for the planes. In 1945 he had his first heart attack. Len in 1933 Len owned a Grocery shop in the Ludlow's building Miramar.Len Worked for Price control Dept 1945. This Price control Dept was a government owned, To prevent inflation after the war. When this job finished Len when into State Advances as a building inspector. He was born in 1897 at Auroa New Zealand. Len in 1954 after having a third heart attack at work then drove home to Totara road,Miramar Wellington.Len died on the 13th of July in Wellington public hospital of coronary thrombosis.
2. Walter Maxwell LUDLOW was born in 1899 at Wellington, New Zealand. Max as he was known married his first Cousin Elizabeth Annie Eldershaw . They married with a special license in the year 1919 .Max went to sea and worked for the Parker shipping company became a Assistant purser on the ship Wimmera .On the second of Feb 1917 he was transfered to the ship Riverina as assistant purser for the Parker shipping line going from Australia to New Zealand route. He was 18 years old and one of the youngist to become a Purser in shipping History on the NZ and Austrilia route After leaving the sea, Max became a Green Grocer in Hasting at first. Max then owned a butcher shop from 1932 When he retired Max gave it to his Three son's to run Until it was sold in 1982. They where a family ran butcher shop for 48 Years . In 1931 Napier and Hasting Earth Quake Elizabeth got her foot Crushed by a fulling brick chimney and was sent to Wellington hospital for treatment.Max and Elizabeth Family was taken to Wellington by Frank and Phil Ludlow and spread amoung the Ludlow family's living in Miramar . The children all went to Miramar central school until there mother got better this was around Four months before they returned home He died in 1968 at New Zealand. Age was given as 68 in 1968.Hasting. They Had Eight Children. Joan Elizabeth born 1920 Married Gordon Franklin Watson. Kenneth Maxwell born 1921 Married 1948 Faith Enid Maud Hansen.Leonard George 1922 Married 1948 Enid Patricia Brimer. Walter Raymond Ludlow 1924. Trevor William Thomas born 1927. married First wife 1950 to Iris Olive Geary. 1980 he married a second time to Christina Penfold. Rhona Ngaire born 1929 married 1950 To John Gordon Pryor. Norman Eric Dudley 1932 First Marrage to Barbara Rickard 1954. Second wife 1960 to Phyllis O'Shaughnessy. Claude William 1934
2. Doris Reta Ruth Ludlow . Born Wellington 1902. Married John Robert Claude Smith who was a Carpenter first then became a policeman Constable !925. Doris Died 1974 in Taupo . For many years they where in Patea. She had No children But loved Sports .In the 1920 she was the second top woman's Tennis play in New Zealand. Her and Claude Play Golf for many years in there retirement . She was in the waikato times for getting a hole in one after 37 years of trying, on the Taupo golf Course.She was said to be prim and proper around her house and out side in her garden.If your car was not up to her standard that you parked out side her house. She would ask you to move it down the road so it wouldn't spoil the neighbourhood. Claude Her Husband was a Police Constable in the Patea area. He had a dog called Tiger, which he took on the bet each night with him. Claude Took Part in the man hunt of Stanley Graham in the second world war years 0n the West coast of the south island after Stanley shot dead Three Policemen. It Took 13 days to find him With the Help of Claude's Dog and others. Claude was said to say that he was the one that shot and wounded Stanley with his hand gun that he away's carried with him on patrol in Taranaki area. Claude retired as a Police Sergeant.Doris had a few affairs when she was married, they say she was a good look woman in her day and just loved her self.
2. John Roy Known as Jack Ludlow born in Wellington on the 22nd of May 1908. Died 10th of April 1996. 1st married to Francis Harriet Andrews born 24th of JUly 1905 Died 24th of February 1963 of a heart attack . they Married 18th of August 1932 at ST Mary church New Plymouth. Jack Second marriage to Campsie Elaine Linn,1965 She was a spinster. Jack was 9 years old when his parents Divorce . William Francis had full custody of John Roy. He Lived with his Brothers and sister in 101 Cuba street Petone. He went to school at Petone and Lower Hutt school. Jack found it hard at his parent brake up ,there was a Tug of war between them and Jack was in the middle .He was Kidnapped from school by his Mother a couple of time and taken to Wellington and also to Auckland only to be brought by his brothers or Father. Jack and his father moved back to New Plymouth Taranaki and settled in Vogeltown. He became a farm labourer then brought as share in a boat and became a Fisherman, Then back being a Farmer on the family farm at Auroa until it was sold some time after Helen Ludlow death. Just before his father death the Farm at Auroa came off lest. Jack talked his father into buying 75 head of spring heifers Cattle from Okoke which is in the south part of Taranaki. Jack started Driving these cattle towards Auroa he got as far as Stratford on the third day when news of his father had just died.He had to go back to New Plymouth and make arrangement for his father funeral .That was not all the bad news when he got the cattle to the farm the lease farmer had grazed the place bare of grass, so the cattle had no feed.If it wasn't for his kind neighbour giving him a waggon of carrots every day he would have lost half of them. For next four month he used the road side grass to feed them and the carrots Jack Loved working the land and became a Bulldozer operator He then worked many years in the Fertillizer plant in New Plymouth To His First Wife Francis they had Three Children Nancy Francis born on the 18th of June 1933 in New Plymouth. Alison Gladys born Kaponga on 27th of April 1936. William Frederick born Kaponga on the 29th of December 1937. Generation three.
2.Philip Gilbert Ludlow wife Gwendoline Alice Ludlow (Flyger) [Tonks]

[3].Francis William born Jan. 1943 in Wellington. Married Patricia Ann Fuss Born in South Australia 1950. They had Three Children.{4} Mark Anthony Born 1968 Wellington public Hospital{4} Genevieve Elizabeth born 1972 New Castle New south Wales Australia.{4} Trinity Louise born 1977 Wellington Public Hospital.

Frank as he is known Divorce Patricia and Married Linda Jean Church. Morgan was her maiden name she was the older sister to Brenda Morgan.Linda had Four Children to Barry Church, Rose maree. Ian. Karyn Beatrice .Andrea. Franks trade is a Fitter and Turner did his time at the union steam ship company Greta point Evans Bay WELLINGTON NZ. Frank went to sea on SS. Persic. This ship was owned by the Shaw Savill and Ailbion Line. Frank started on the ship as there Junior engineer and became third engineer. Frank spent around five year with the ship. He Went To Australia in 1970 and worked in the Mining Industry in New Castle New South Wales.They returned home in the 1980's. Frank Like doing up House's with Pat and they brought house in and around Miramar area there last home together was Miramar north road.Pat Married Ivan Patrick Keating. Ivan Died of cancer 2002 in Ohou Levin. Frank been a fitter and turn working for different company's all of his working life. Linda and Frank set up F.A.L engineer shop in Petone 2011.With Mark his son being shop floor Manager. Genevieve works on the Gold coast Queensland Australia in the real estate Industry. Trinity Works in the Film and Advertising Industry making Documentary's for Red Bull.

[2]. Philip Gilbert Ludlow/ Gwendoline Alice Ludlow [Flyger][Tonks] [3]. John Robert Ludlow Born April 1947 Married To Sandra Ann Muir in Wellington at home in Napier street Miramar in Nov 1970 They had Three girls. {4}. Michelle Anne 1971.[4}Kathleen Jane 1973 .[4] Annemarie Vanessa 1974. John went to school at Miramar North school. went on to Rongotai College for Two years for intermediate schooling , Wellington Technical College for three years. He Played soccer for Miramar Rangers. and Hockey at college. He Started work for Toops warehouse as a Grocery Packer, then became storeman for Dominion motors Wellington . From there to being a Barman at the ST George Hotel. From there He went South to Christchurch. worked for Freemans Meat works. John meet Sandra In Christchurch. She was living in the flat next to his. They Set up house at Titahi Bay.John work on the rail link at the ferry Terminal for a few years then was posted to the main Wellington station as a train tapper inspecting brakes and wheels on the units as they came into the station. He was moved to the Unit Shed as a Maintenance/ machanical Engineer. Johns been working for New Zealand Railways for over 41yrs. John and Sandra brought the house off New Zealand rail at Pukerua Bay in 1980. This used to be the station masters house.It's easy seen from the station as it's been painted bright Ferry green colours. John was a Volunteer Fireman for 9years at Titahi bay fire station. Sandra Died two years ago in 2010. She was born on the west coast of the south Island.